Weave Poles Workshop with Ace at K9 Center

Weave Poles Workshop with Ace at K9 Center

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Weave Poles Workshop  -  All levels  -  Ace Russell


Overview of training methods and equipment -- help your dog learn the weaves or improve their weaving. 

Fee: $20 per dog for full two hours; each dog will have at least two 5-minute work sessions. Limit 10

This workshop is for beginners and for those already competing who want to improve their team's weaving skills. Quick presentation and questions, then hands-on sessions focused on each team's unique skillset so that weaves become more fun and, even more important, safer for your dog. All participants are encouraged to audit each other's sessions. "We can all learn something from every dog!"

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Ace Russell, as the founder and designer of Way To Weave, has concentrated on weave pole training and equipment for 15 years. Ace has been actively involved in agility since 1999, and in 2002, his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Ollie, become the first corgi dog to achieve both the Master Agility Championship (MACH) and the breed championship (CH). 

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