POOL: Swim Instruction

POOL: Swim Instruction

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Swim instruction will begin each season when the temperature of the water is over 75 Degrees. 

Swim instruction or just getting comfortable in the pool. This is extra instruction for dogs that haven't been in our pool and need extra care. We will help you teach your dog to swim in our 16’ x 32’ salt-water pool!

    • Step 2: Make an appointment for the pool. You may reserve multiple dates/times. Check our Pool Appointment calendar and find OPEN slots for the type of session you would like (Reserved, Swim instruction or Trial). Email Trish at trish@k9centertn.com and list the date(s) and time(s) you'd like to  reserve. 

To ensure high standards of hygiene, our water management system filters and sanitizes the water through a circulation pump and a high-rate sand filtration system. Doggy life vests are available for those dogs just learning to swim or those needing a little support.

If your dog is healthy (no lameness, weakness or other physical issues) they are eligible for recreational swimming. If your dog has had surgery recently (within the last eight months), has mobility issues or other health issues, we will need to assess whether he/she is eligible.  Please contact us if you have any questions as to whether your dog is eligible.

Available in 30-minute sessions. Please allow 5 minutes at the end of the session to gather your belongings so that the next swimmers can start their session on time.

  • 30 minutes - $30 for up to 2 dogs

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