Day School Training Program - Instructors: Susie Stout, Ace Russell

Day School Training Program - Instructors: Susie Stout, Ace Russell

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Combines daycare and training in a unique and effective way! The flat fee covers 8 days of Daycare or Day Board, training, and lessons.

Introduce your puppy or adult dog to basic obedience skills, good social skills, leash manners, or the first steps toward dog performance sports (e.g., agility). Or take the next step in improving those skills!

Your dog must be evaluated and qualified for daycare enrollment to participate in this program. Training Registration is required. If your dog isn't a fit for regular daycare, we can combine this with our Day Board daycare. Choose Day School Program in the list and we will contact you to set up your free daycare trial. 

We use a dialog-based approach to dog training that's easy to learn, fun for you and your dog, and universally successful. It’s the language we use for competing with our own dogs at the highest levels of AKC sports, primarily obedience and agility.

With young puppies we sometimes propose a split session, so we can help you get started with the basics, then continue when your pup is a little older to work on more advanced skills. The split program also works well with many adult dogs.

There is a single, flat fee for the whole program, which covers:

  • 8 days of daycare/day board and training
  • 60-minute evaluation and introduction to our methods after the first or second training session
  • Training collar (if recommended)
  • 60-90 minute lesson after training is complete
  • Additional private lesson 2-3 weeks after program is completed

For young puppies, see our Young Puppy Daycare Program