POSTPONED Kerry Smith, Agility Seminars, April 17-18, 2021

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Kerry Smith, Agility Seminars, Oct 2021 TBD     

Both Working and Auditing spots still available

We are very excited that Kerry Smith will join us for a weekend of agility seminars! Private lessons available on Friday, April 16. All sessions at K9 Center of East TN, indoors on GreatMats.

Kerry's objective is to build upon skills taught each day and incorporate those skills throughout the weekend. So it's very beneficial to attend both days. But if you can't make it to every session, Kerry will be happy to modify her coaching plan to meet your unique needs.

SAT AM: Foundations For Successful Teamwork

This session will be geared toward young dogs, first-time agility dogs and handlers, and also adult dogs and semi-experienced handlers who need to review foundational skills. Topics include building drive, impulse control, forward focus/handler focus, collection/extension, and jumping skills. This session will also provide opportunities to work on foundational skills with distractions.


SAT PM: Essential Skills and Problem Solving

Do you have questions about a specific skill or issue in the ring or in training? Here's your chance to work on understanding the roots of those problems, developing a plan to fix them, and ultimately solving them. Depending on participant response, Kerry will help you with start line stays, jumping issues, collection drills, tighter turns, and teaching verbals. Does your dog have a problem with a particular obstacle? Kerry will address that too. Young dogs welcome!

SUN AM: Skills in Short Sequences

This session's focus will be on helping you develop skills to improve confidence with distance handling, and to gain advantage on course, whether you are handling ahead, laterally or behind. We will use short sequences that address particular skills needed to be successful in agility. Time will be taken to make sure criteria of these skills are understood by both the handler and the dog. Drills and homework will be presented so these skills can easily be worked at home with a few obstacles. Jumps and tunnels only.

SUN PM: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Have you ever said, “I can't get there!” or “I'm not fast enough!”? This session will focus on course analysis and lines to find the clearest and fastest path for your dog. Finding the best lines on a course will help you determine which way to turn, cross and choose the best way to handle a sequence. Finding the natural line for the dog will make you feel less frantic on course and be more proactive. It will help your dog know earlier which way to go, and you will see less frustration in your dog. You will actually have to run less!


AM sessions: 9-12:30     PM sessions: 1:30-5     


Kerry Smith

Kerry has a long history of teaching both people and animals. She has a Master's degree in Education and also trained and competed with horses before agility. In 2002, Kerry started competitive obedience and agility with her difficult and strong-willed dachshund Xena, and after working through much frustration, attained MACH5, multiple top 5 rankings and two AKC Invitationals. Since then, she has run and trained Cavaliers, Terriers, Dobermans, Border Collies, and many other breeds. Kerry understands that not all dogs have the same drive, work ethic, and confidence, and she teaches you how to best connect with your dog and put yourself in your dog's place. Whether your goals are local, national, or international competition, her experiences have given her the ability to adapt to each handler's needs and wants. Her teaching method focuses not just on handling, but on finding gaps in foundational skills and on providing drills that can be done at home to improve those skills.

Kerry's student, Robin Terry, and Novice A dog “Cassie” started with Kerry, and since then they have won AKC National Championships in the 20” class and also earned a spot on the 2018 European Open team. Robin and Cassie also represented the USA at the WAO 2020.

Kerry's accomplishments include:

  • 2019 Grand Prix silver medalist and US Open finalist
  • 2017, 2016 IFCS USA world team member
  • 2017 WAO USA world team member
  • 2017 US Open gold medalist and overall top 20” dog
  • 2015 Americas y el Caribe Agility International - 4th overall large dog
  • 2015 Cynosport 2x silver medalist (two different dogs)
  • 2014 European Open USA team member
  • 2014 FCI Agility World Championships short list 4th overall
  • 30+ medals at various regional events and tryouts with multiple dogs

Kerry's handling is inspired and influenced by OMD (OneMind Dogs) methods. She has worked with top instructors including Jenny Damm, Marco Giavoni, Timo Liuhto, Tobias Wust, Daniel Schroder, Anne Lenz, Elicia Calhoun, Daisy Peel and Dudley Fontaine (among others).


Kerry also does trigger point massage, and she will be bringing her massage table along to K9 Center.


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RVs welcome. Dry camping only. No hookups.

Host hotel: Red Roof Plus+,  208 Marketplace Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37922 (865) 691-1664 4.8 miles (10 min)

Snacks and bottled water included all weekend. Plenty of fast foods, restaurants and shopping nearby.

For seminar questions please contact Ace Russell or Susie Stout