Ugly Sweater Holiday Party ... this Sunday Evening!

Agility Run Thru's

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Thursday, December 6, 1 - 6 pm


Half hour slots available on a first-registered first-served basis. Pre-register at link above or take you chances on arrival. Introductory rate: $5/dog

Contact obstacles will be in place. You may move other obstacles (jumps, tunnels, weaves) to suit your practice. Please wait your turn and be completely out of the ring at the end of your time.

Organizers: Ace Russell, Susie Stout, Trish Isbell

$5 per dog for 30 minutes

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If you haven't already filled out a signup form, please do so now. Choose which times you prefer. We will confirm via email with the best schedule we can arrange considering prior signups.

Hope you enjoy our new facility! Please help keep it clean! Poop bags and trash will be available!