ONGOING - Agility Party - Managers: Susie Stout, Ace Russell

ONGOING - Agility Party - Managers: Susie Stout, Ace Russell

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Saturday mornings, 7:15-9:15 am

Thursday evenings 7:30-9 pm

Check calendar for dates!

Unstructured training sessions for dogs and handlers who are already trialing in agility or almost ready to trial.   No set curriculum, just informal peer-to-peer instruction and supervised sharing of time and equipment.

You and your dog can practice whatever obstacles and sequences you'd like, but managers and designated personnel are in charge of moving equipment around and overseeing safety. The reason we call it a 'Party' is because it should be fun for all participants, both canine and human.

Pre-requisite: Agility I class (or prior agility training) is required before doing unsupervised training. If your dog has not had qualified instruction in the use of full-height obstacles, don't use them! Unsociable or uncontrolled dogs may be asked to pursue private lessons or group classes before Agility Parties.

Managers: Susie StoutAce Russell

$10 for first dog, $5 for second dog same handler.

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