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ACT (Agility Course Test) Event

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Our next AKC Agility Course Test (ACT) events will be held:

Friday Oct 30, 2020 and Friday Nov 20, 2020

starting 6 pm - 9 pm 

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Two ACT rounds on the same day!

Order of Test:

ACT 1 Round 1

ACT 1 Round 2

ACT 2 Round 1

ACT 2 Round 2

You and your dog can achieve two legs (and thus titles) in ACT1 and ACT2 on the same day! You don't have to have an ACT1 title to participate in ACT2.

For more info about the ACT program, read Chapter 15 of the AKC "Regulations for Agility Trials". Or go to the ACT page here.

ACT events are a great way to explore agility in AKC before you enter a licensed agility trial.

Open to all dogs 15 months of age or older that have not earned a title in AKC agility. Your dog doesn't need to be already registered with AKC. The performance of non-registered dogs will be recorded by AKC under a temporary number which you can use for later ACT events and when registering your dog. You will ultimately need to register your dog if you wish to receive a physical title certificate and have the title printed after your dog's name.

AKC Canine Partners applications will be available and may be submitted at the event.

No measurement required. Run your dog at any jump height (4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24").

Entry fees: 1st run $15; each subsequent run $10


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