404 - Try Agility - Instructors: Ace Russell, Susie Stout, Bailey Whited

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Our next event will be held (Sun Nov 15 from 11-12:30 pm)

 Description:  supervised agility session to see if you and your dog like this sport. Each handler/dog team will have a varying amount of time in the arena based on the number of people that sign up. Cost $10.00

If everything goes well, sign up for our 3-week mini-class Introduction to Agility starting on (DATE TBD). Beware: agility can be addictive! 

Pre-requisite: Beginner Obedience class is strongly recommended before starting agility training. Unsociable or uncontrolled dogs may be asked to pursue private lessons first; group classes may be appropriate later.

Instructors: Ace Russell, Susie Stout, Bailey Whited

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