206 - Intermediate Obedience - Therese Dickinson

206 - Intermediate Obedience - Therese Dickinson

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Includes (5) 50-minute group sessions that extend the scope of basic obedience training. Graduates of Beginner Obedience classes will be introduced to more advanced skills and distraction practice. This class also addresses continuing or new problem behaviors. As always, we hope to help you achieve more effective communication and a stronger bond with your dog.
This class is highly recommended before starting more advanced Obedience, Rally, or Agility training. Max: 6 dogs.
Prerequisite: Your dog must be at least 20 weeks old and up to date on all vaccinations. Unsociable or uncontrolled dogs may be asked to pursue private lessons first.

Completed registration forms and pre-payment are required. Our Training Coordinator will email a confirmation for your spot when you have registered and paid.

Instructor: Therese Dickinson

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Please email vaccination records to vetrecords@k9centertn.com

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$200 for 5 sessions

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