Trish Isbell

Trish is an Owner and the overall Facility Manager.

Trish has lived in West Knoxville for 22 years with her husband Robb and her 3 daughters, Amanda, Carleigh and Erika. Dogs are a big part of her family with 5 dogs living in her house. In 2010 Trish joined forces with good friend Suzanne Iasiello to open Hush Puppy’s Pet Services. Hush Puppy’s has provided pet care in West Knoxville homes for over 7 years and has grown from just Trish and Suzanne to over 20 sitters. With over 700 clients Hush Puppy's provides care for all kinds of pets and for clients while they are at work or away from home. As founders of Hush Puppy's K9 Center (2014-2017) Suzanne and Trish developed the working model for K9CET. "This facility was a dream of ours and was a great avenue for dog owners to train, groom, exercise and socialize their dogs." Trish currently owns 2 dogs; Fezzik, an Australian Shepherd and Sophie, a rat terrier who is "ruler of the kingdom!" and kitty cat Sammy. Also living in her home are Coale (husky/lab mix breed), Bowman (Shepherd mix) and Targaryen (Greyhound). Fezzik and Trish enjoy many dog sporting activities including Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Search & Rescue, Flyball and have dabbled in Agility and Frisbee. Coale has recently been involved in Dock Diving and Search & Rescue. "Bringing all types of activities to K9CET is exciting and a goal of mine. Making dogs The Best They Can Be is my motto. A trained dog is a happy dog!"

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