Private Lessons

Private lessons and evaluation sessions are available with several different trainers. Unlike classes, you will receive more individual attention, and sessions can be scheduled flexibly to fit your long-term plans. They may also be shared with a small group of other dogs to help with budgeting.

Quick links for scheduling private sessions with our owner/trainers:

    For other trainers and all questions about private lessons, please contact our Training Coordinator at

    New to training at K9 Center? Fill out our Enrollment Form here

    Already enrolled at K9 Center and want to sign up for a private lesson? Fill out our Sign Up Form here

    Our Training Coordinator will reply with more info and help you with your appointment. If you're not sure where to start, we offer an initial evaluation to help you work out a training plan. 

    Read about our vaccination requirements before signing up. You can email vaccination records to or bring them with you.