Anna Lynch

Anna's dog training career began in 2011 in Northern Vermont as a training assistant under pet placement and educational facilities. During this time, she assisted in instructing group classes and conducting private lessons. In 2012 she moved into a helping the community with behavioral modification within the public's pets and strays. From 2012-late 2014 she worked with pets who were extremely shy, dog aggressive, human aggressive, reactive, suffering from separation anxiety, possessive tendencies, and OCD. In her spare time she conducted research on the effects of "Black Dog Syndrome" in shelter animals. She also helped educate the community about "Breed Specific Legislation". 
In 2014 Anna moved to Crossville Tennessee in hopes of assisting with keeping pets in their homes and out of animal shelters and rescues. She started her own dog training business, Wildcard Canine, and began working with the "Cumberland County Animal Shelter" and 2015. She worked with the animal shelter for several years with helping move, place, and rehabilitate several tough cases.  Anna still takes on many foster dogs from many different organizations to help give them a head start in finding a home. In the years she has been here Anna has trained thousands of pets for both families or pets who are trapped in the shelter system.
Since she was very young Anna's career goal has been to work with working dogs in apprehension and detection. Today, she is the handler and trainer of a scent specific evidence search k9. She handles several Malinois in her breeding program in the "Protection Sports Assocation" and will one day soon be providing "green" dogs to law enforcement, search and rescue/detection handlers, or green dog prospects. 
Because Anna is extremely passionate about the Belgian Malinois breed she believes in keeping this versatile breed busy.  She also has several other sport dogs who have high energy and love to use their brain! She has titled several dogs to the "Elite Trick Performer title" and to an "Urban Canine".  Anna is currently competing/preparing to compete for fun in rally obedience, competitive obedience, FAST Cat, Toss and Fetch Frisbee, Dock Diving, tracking, and agility!
Anna is certified in pet CPR/First aid as well as human CPR/first aid care. She is a certified SARTECH2. The American Kennel Club has had her as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator since 2016 and a trick dog evaluator since 2017. In the last ever edition of "Crossville's best" in 2017 Anna was voted 'best dog trainer' and she was a 'great mats dog trainer of the year' nominee in 2018. Anna has traveled the United States meeting and learning under a variety of different trainers and has even been invited to demo or be a guest speaker/trainer in several events and has even been published in several magazines including but not limited to: ASPCA, AKC, newspapers, ect.