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Agility Run Thru's

Regular price $10.00

Agility Run-Thru's - Friday, March 6th at 6 pm

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Please fill out a signup form and choose which times you prefer.

90 seconds per run

$10 for 3 runs

$5 each additional run

Runs will be allotted depending on how many dogs show up. We will do our best to be fair to all participants. You will receive a refund for any prepaid runs that we are unable to fit in.

Nested courses (typically Novice and Excellent STD) will be in place. Please wait for the gate steward to OK your entry into the ring. Please leave quickly when your time is up.

Judging (or simply the presence of a 'judge') can be requested.

Organizers: Ace Russell, Susie Stout

Add to cart to pay online! Or pay at the event.

Please help keep our arena and our entire facility clean! Poop bags, spray cleaner, mops, paper towels and trash bins are always available!