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211 - Reactive Rover class - Instructor: Melanie Harriman

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Monday evenings starting November 12 at 7:45 pm

Does your dog bark, lunge, growl or screech at the sight of another dog? Does the thought of taking your dog out in public stress you out? Over-excitement, anxiety, and even on-leash aggression are common behavior problems that can affect your daily life. You begin to dread taking your dog out for a walk, and that lack of exercise and stimulation starts to affect your dog's behavior at home. Reactive Rover class can help with this! This course is specifically designed to teach handlers how to manage and treat dogs with on-leash reactivity towards other dogs. The classroom setup provides a unique environment in which dogs are visually separated from other dogs and people until they master the skills needed to practice their reactivity prevention work within sight of other dogs.

In this six-week class, you'll gain a better understanding of why your dog acts the way he does around dogs when he's on a leash. We'll lead you through guided practice sessions around other dogs to help teach and encourage calm, appropriate behavior. We'll also give you tools and tips to help manage your dog's reactivity and help you learn skills to make walks more peaceful again.

**This class is not appropriate for dogs who only exhibit aggression toward other dogs while off-leash, or who exhibit aggression toward people. This class does not progress to dogs meeting each other, on leash or off. Please contact us for required equipment.


Instructor: Melanie Harriman

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