We offer training for:

  • Puppies
  • Dogs of any age
  • Your family's canine companions who are mostly good or those with problem behaviors
  • Complete novice handlers to highly experienced competitors
  • All levels, all breeds and mixes, all ages, all problems, all goals!

Is your dog new to training at K9 Center? You MUST start by filling out our Training Enrollment Form

Once this dog is enrolled, your next step:
  1. If you now want to schedule a specific upcoming class, private training session or event, please use our Scheduling Calendar
  2. If you would like us to help direct you to the best training option for your dog, please use our Sign Up form

Once you have submitted our Training Enrollment form, our Training Coordinator will contact you to help you sign up for a particular training service. If you're not sure where to start, we can help you with that.

Click a Picture below for a more detailed description of each option, rates, start dates and requirements. From each page you can add to cart and pay online!

Read about our vaccination requirements before signing up. Please email vaccination records to so we can verify everything before you attend a class. If your vaccinations aren't complete, you will not be able to attend class. 

To learn more Private Lessons click here: Private lessons.

To learn more about group classes click here:  Buffet-style-small-group-classes