Dog wash and office open limited hours Mon-Fri and closed this weekend. Please call 865-310-2800 before coming.


Our Pool will open Thursday April 2nd for EXPERIENCED Pool swimming dogs


Swimming and Dock Diving fun! Also available for conditioning and post-op care. 

By appointment only! No drop-ins!

Our pool open slots are listed on the Pool Scheduling calendar 

Dogs that have had surgery in the past 8 months are required to have a veterinarian or a physical therapist referral provided to us before using the pool. This is for the safety of your dog. Please contact your veterinarian or PT for the referral form.

Our pool is a salt-water, 16'x32' above-ground pool that is available for private rental, swimming lessons, and dock diving introduction and practice sessions. The pool includes a 25-foot dock for dock diving dog practice. There will be several OPEN dock options each week to practice dock diving.

Most dogs only need 30 minutes to fully enjoy the pool. They get very tired! If you have multiple dogs, it may be better to reserve a 45-minute or 1 hour slot.

Step 1: Register your dog for the pool. You will only need to do this one time: Pool Registration form

Step 2: Make an appointment for the pool. You may reserve multiple dates/times. Check our Pool Appointment calendar and find OPEN slots for the type of session you would like (Reserved, Swim instruction or Trial). Email Trish at and list the date(s) and time(s) you'd like to  reserve. 

Swimming options:

  • Trial Swim Time - 15 min to assess dog and start the learning process
  • Reserved Swim Times - 30, 45, 60-minute time slots for private use for swimming and dock diving
  • Swim Instruction - Add swim instruction to any Reserved Swim Times - K9Center staff in water
  • Daycare Add-On:Pool - only for dogs in daycare - part of Enrichment Program
  • Splash Club Membership - save by purchasing multiple sessions in a package 

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